3 Ways Manufacturing Companies can Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs

3 Ways Manufacturing Companies can Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs

3 Ways Manufacturing Companies can Improve Efficiency & Reduce Costs. The manufacturing industry’s profitability is always undergoing changes so companies have to find ways to improve efficiency while cutting costs. For several emerging markets, they continue seeing an unprecedented increase in product demand while the volatility of operation and commodity costs significantly affect profits.

Due to the fact that raw material costs are unpredictable, several companies are seeking ways they can increase efficiency and productivity while cutting costs. By achieving a goal like this, companies can sustain profitability despite the volatility in commodity prices. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

Optimize Business Processes

Regardless of the size of the corporation, employees tend to fall into a routine. However, there are several policies in the organization that becomes inefficient and outdated over time.

For instance, before a purchase can be approved, it has to go through multiple departments which makes the process longer than it should.

Instead of insisting a purchase goes through several departments, you can optimize  your process to make it more cost-effective and more efficient. The purchases can gather the  pre-determined decision making elements digitally and be pushed to the decision maker only if complete.  from your CPO/COO/CFO, this would significantly reduce bureaucratic bottlenecks.

To improve efficiencies, companies should review their current business processes and highlight areas they can improve, reorganize and redefine. When they remove outdated and redundant business practices, companies will see their production processes and productivity increase which will positively impact their profit.

Adapt Technology

Productivity at lower costs can be attained when you improve and upgrade your company’s software, equipment and web tools. However, this will need upfront costs that will change the tech of the entire company.

The advantage of this is that it will help companies stay ahead of their competitors or catch up. By streamlining all production processes using modern technology, companies will enjoy significant profitability and lower overhead costs.

Apart from improving a plant’s functionality, when a company updates its technology regularly, they’ll be at the forefront of innovation. Suppliers tend to go with companies that use the latest technology if they already adopted that technology. While other businesses prefer to work with companies that are well equipped.

Find and Fix Areas That Lead To Waste

For you to find areas that cause waste in a company, you may need to employ the services of another company. They will take an objective look at the company’s resources and policies. A major area that leads to waste for several companies is energy consumption and use.

Several manufacturing companies lose energy in the course of production through ineffective heating and cooling systems or poor ventilation. When you’re able to find and fix these areas, manufacturers can improve efficiency and lower energy reliance.

Also, manufacturing companies need to find areas of poor labour management or wasted labour energy as this drastically affects the energy efficiency of a plant. By taking a detailed look at labour efforts, you may discover the labour force is fatigued after 6 hours of tedious work.

To correct this, offer shortened shifts and compulsory breaks, and the productivity of the entire operation will improve significantly. Companies that address and examine areas that cause energy waste will see an improvement in their production processes.

Embrace Recycling

We’re in an era of environmental awareness, so it’s important to fully embrace reusing and recycling of manufacturing materials. This is a major way to improve efficiency and cut costs. A facility that is well equipped can sort massive volumes of waste efficiently into usable materials for recycling or reuse.

These materials can be anything from raw material scraps to leftover production materials which can be reused during the process of manufacturing. Hence, companies need to take a careful review and seek ways to streamline processes that’ll increase overall efficiency – as this will lead to a reduction in costs.


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